Book an Anti-bacterial clean at Motest only £19 inc VAT.

State-of-the-art Air Conditioning Services from Motest available at Aldershot, Camberley, Farnham, New Malden and Reading

Motest's antibacterial service eliminates the odours by killing the bacteria and viruses in the system. It will clean the entire air conditioning system in under 20 minutes.

Does the air con smell?

Many drivers and passengers complain of unpleasant odours or eye, throat and nose irritations when using their air conditioning system. This can be due to the build up of bacteria and growth of algae/fungi or other micro-organisms in the systems filters and ducting – especially in humid conditions.

The condensation that forms around the evaporator fins is the ideal environment for these to propagate, and when blown into the vehicles cabin, will affect both driver and passengers – particularly the elderly, asthmatics and children. A car with an air conditioning system harbours far more bacteria and germs than a car without!

Motest has the latest state of the art machines that will give a make & model specific recharge. The machine will extract the old refrigerant, oil and moisture, then recharge it, as well as replenishing the oil. An effective bacteria removal service also available.

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