MG Rover repairs & servicing at Motest Farnham

At Farnham we offer full dealership service and repair on MG Rover cars from the MG Z range right back to the earlier models such as Minis, Metros and Rover 200 and even older. We have full diagnostic capability and can supply new keys with the correct codes. You will get dealership level skills but at very affordable prices. We use original MG Rover parts and upgraded components to permanently fix common head gasket problems properly on the K-Series engines, as fitted to many models.
There is considerable MG Rover heritage at Motest Farnham. The workshops we occupy were part of one of the oldest Austin (which became part of BMC/BL/Austin Rover) distributors which opened nearly 100 years ago.
The Farnham Austin show room in 1958.
Our actual Farnham workshop circa 1954.
We have the skills to repair and service many classic cars from this manufacturer. We helped refurbish an SD1 Rover 3500 V8 belonging to Keith Adams a well known motoring journalist – now editor of Classic Car Weekly. The car had been off the road for many years and with our ex Austin Rover trained staff carried out some critical repairs and gave it its first MOT in 10 years!
David Goodridge, John Ball (both from Motest) and Keith Adams, when Keith came to collect his Rover.
A selection of BMC /British Leyland/MG Rover cars in our workshop.
Our Managing Director even entered this 1 litre Metro in the tough local Tempest Rally amongst the WRC Subaru’s and Focus ‘s and finished! The car now sits alongside his 1964 Mini Cooper.
Even if you live outside the Farnham area, we are very experienced in MG Rover across all sites and of course they can call on Farnham expertise and equipment if needed.

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