How you can help yourself get the pass

Find out how you can prepare for your next MOT test.

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What to check

There are a surprisingly large number of MOT items that you can quickly check yourself, with no specialist knowledge or equipment, as listed below.*
Check Description
Lights The biggest failure item. Do they all function properly?
Indicators Check front, rear and side repeaters where fitted.
Brake Lights Are they both working?
Rear Fog Light Driver's side must be working (all vehicles post April 1 1980).
Tyre/Wheels Tread depth (minimum 1.6mm), check for sidewall defects, tread pattern wear. All wheel studs fitted and no rim damage.
Horn/Windscreen Washers Must all be functioning.
Windscreen Wipers Blade rubbers in good condition and not torn/split.
Chassis/VIN Number Must be displayed and legible (all vehicles post August 1980).
Doors Check that both front doors can be opened from inside and outside.
Bootlid/Tailgate Must be able to open from outside.
Fuel Cap Must be present, secure and have rubber seal.
Mirrors Must be secure and visible from driver's seat.**
Battery Battery and terminals must be secure.
Seat Belts Must be secure and the webbing must be in good condition.
Pedal Rubbers The brake and throttle pedal rubbers must be present.
Dash Warning Lights Airbag / ABS / Traction control / TPMS (vehicles registered post 2012) if lit while the engine is running, are MOT failures.
* For guidance only – does not constitute the full test.
** Minimum of 2 mirrors which must include the drivers side external mirror and/or internal or passenger side external mirror

Other items

Other key items that would be checked at the testing station are steering, vehicle structure, windscreen, suspension, seats, brakes, fuel & exhaust systems, emissions and tow bar if fitted.

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