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Modern cars are forever evolving. As new technology is introduced in to cars, new methods of repair, and installation procedures are required to correctly rectify issues with the vehicle.

Most modern cars have a computer connection port, where a technician can plug a diagnostic computer into and read information from the vehicle’s ECU ( Electronic Control Unit, the brains of the car). If there is a fault with the vehicle, the ECU may display a warning light on the dashboard, the different lights indicate different fault areas, i.e. engine, brakes, and airbags.

Here is a quick guide to what the light on your dash is indicating.

Engine management light
Indicates a fault with the vehicles engine. This maybe something simple, but we will need to scan your ECU. We recommend bringing the vehicle in ASAP if the performance is affected.
Airbag Warning lamp
A fault in the Airbag system is present. This is often a loose wire underneath the front seats, but could be a faulty unit or ECU.
ABS Warning lamp
The Anti Lock Brake system has a fault present. This will effect the braking system and the way the vehicle reacts in a emergency stop.
Handbrake fluid light
If this illuminates while the handbrake is down, the brake fluid level could be low. If there is a fluid leak, this could potentially cause brake failure. We would advise getting the vehicle to us ASAP.
TPMS (tyre pressures)
This could indicate either that the tyre pressures are low, or there is a fault with the sensor and light needs resetting.
* MOT FAILURE ITEM (vehicles registered from 2012)
Oil pressure light
This light will come on when the key is turned in the ignition. However, if this illuminates while driving the engine oil pressure is low. DO NOT DRIVE with this light on. We recommend pulling over as soon as it is safe, and get the vehicle recovered to our nearest branch.
Electronic Programme Control (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda)
This light usually means that there is a fault with the brake light switch, and that the brake lights are probably not working. This is a simple fix that requires a new brake light switch that should take under and hour to rectify.
* MOT FAILURE ITEM (brake lights not functioning)
The general rule of thumb with lights is that colour is key. Red indicates a potentially serious problem or safety issue. Attend to it! Red may also indicate an important reminder. Yellow/orange means that something needs to be serviced or repaired soon. If it is flashing, we would advise contacting us to discuss the light, and if required get the vehicle to one of our branches as soon as possible. Green or blue lights are only telling you that a system is on or operating.

What Motest can do for you?

Here at Motest we have seen the massive advancements in the use of technology in modern vehicles.

These days most of a vehicles basic components like wiper motors, Window motors, and lights, are becoming controlled by an Computer, called and ECU ( electronic Control Unit).This makes the simple job of replacing these items more complicated, as you will have to inform the computer of the change.
With the vast majority of components on modern vehicles now being controlled in this electronic way, the way you diagnose faults in these components is changing. This is causing considerable strain on the industry and without proper investment, many other independent garages are finding it harder to fault find with these components. Motest have heavily invest
Motest have heavily invested in new main dealer level diagnostic equipment, and main dealer level staff training to keep up with the demands of this electronic age. Some of our technicians have graduated as Master Technicians, the highest accolade in the industry, and continue to further their knowledge with specific training to keep us able to diagnose the more modern vehicles faults.
This means that Motest technicians have the ability to diagnose, explain, and rectify your vehicles faults no matter how modern your vehicle.

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