Why servicing is essential for your car

Regular servicing reduces the risk of breakdown and keeps the car in better condition and when stamped in your service book, adds £’s to its resale value.
An MOT is an essential safety check, but should not to be confused with a service. MOT testers are forbidden to remove or replace any item. A service allows us to change and/or inspect essential fluids and components such as oil, brake fluid and key filters.
It always makes sense to have an MOT & service together – it saves time & money!

Why choose a Motest service?

Not only are they designed to be appropriate and comprehensive for the way you use your car, but they include the little important things that other garages just don’t do, such as checking the battery in your key fob or ensuring your clock has the right time and day. It’s all attention to detail!

Free IMO car wash with every Motest service

We also give you a complimentary voucher for an IMO car wash on all our services – on Essential it’s a Triple Foam wash and on Full & Major an Ultra HD Proshield wash which includes paint enhancement and protection. IMO are the largest car wash company in the UK with 250 branches.

Which Motest Fixed Price service should I choose?

We have 3 types available for cars & vans up to 3 litres:

Essential Service

Minimum maintenance requirement to keep you on the road – £150 or £180 with MOT – typically takes 1 hour.
What does it cover?
Great way of getting a low cost inspection on 36 key items such as brakes, plus oil/filter change as well as top ups on the essentials in order to guarantee you peace of mind.
When should I get an essential service?
Very useful especially when combined with an MOT, if you have an older car of modest value and want to keep it going “another year”. Also great for cars that do very low mileage in a year, which should be alternated with a major service every other year.

Full Service

Covers items that need inspecting or changing 12’000 miles or 12 months – £250 or £275 with MOT – typically takes 2 hours.
What does it cover?
Provides a very comprehensive 79 – point service, covering engine, cooling, transmission, replacement pollen filter, wheels/tyres, steering, electric’s and body, for both petrol & diesel. In addition, we plug in our diagnostic equipment to check & report any fault codes and give you a copy of the print out. Finally we will wash and vacuum the car with our compliments and ensure the service book is stamped including electronic ones.
When should I get a full service?

Major Service

Covers items that need inspecting or changing 24’000 miles or 24 months – £325 or £350 with MOT – typically takes 3 hours.
What does it cover?
The most comprehensive service available (81 points). Its a full service plus critical additional items, which should be replaced every 2 years. This includes;
When should I get a major service?

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