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Use these checklists to decide which MOTEST Service is right for your vehicle. With choices between Lube, Full and Major Service options, we can always provide a quality service tailored to your vehicle's needs.

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Lighting & ElectricsLube (2)Full (10)Major (13)
Check all dashboard lights & switches are operating      
Check interior lights      
Replace interior light bulbs where necessary (excludes instrument bulbs)      
Check horn      
Check external lights (Sidelights, headlights, brake lights, indicators, front and rear fog lights, running lights, number plate lights)      
Check & report charging rate      
Replace external light bulbs where necessary (excludes headlamp bulbs)      
Adjust headlamp aim      
Check & top up battery electrolyte      
Check front windscreen wipers      
Check rear wipers      
Check front windscreen washers & top up      
Check rear washers & top up      
BrakesLube (1)Full (16)Major (17)
Check footbrake pedal travel & servo operation      
Check handbrake for operation and travel      
Check handbrake linkage / cables for operation and lubricate      
Check ABS warning light for correct operation      
Check front brake discs / drums for wear and corrosion      
Check front brake wheel cylinders for leaks and operation OR      
Check front brake callipers for leaks and operation      
Check front brake pads / shoes for wear      
Check rear brake discs / drums for wear and corrosion      
Check rear brake wheel cylinders for leaks and operation OR      
Check rear brake callipers for leaks and operation      
Check rear brake pads / shoes for wear      
Check rear handbrake mechanism and linings for operation      
Check all brake hoses and pipes for leaks and chafing      
Adjust handbrake if necessary      
Test and report on brake fluid water content OR      
Replace brake fluid and bleed system      
Check and top up brake fluid reservoir      
Steering & SuspensionLube (1)Full (7)Major (7)
Check / top up power steering reservoir      
Check wheel bearings for play or noise. Adjust where appropriate      
Check steering joints for wear and lubricate where necessary      
Check steering rack for wear and gaiter security      
Check front and rear shock absorbers for leaks and operation      
Check front and rear road springs for fractures and operation      
Check suspension mounting points for corrosion and operation      
Wheels & TyresLube (2)Full (4)Major (4)
Check tyre condition, tread depth and record readings (inc. spare)      
Check and adjust tyre pressures (inc. spare)      
Set wheel nuts to correct torque settings      
Check and report on unusual wear patterns      
TransmissionLube (4)Full (7)Major (7)
Check for correct clutch operation      
Check and top up clutch fluid      
Check top up Manual gearbox oil (Where accessible) OR      
Check top up Automatic transmission fluid (Where accessible)      
Check and top up final drive (differential) oil (Where accessible)      
Check drive shafts / prop shaft for wear and security      
Check drive shaft CV gaiters for security and leaks      
EngineLube (2)Full (11)Major (12)
Drain and refill engine oil (Fully synthetic & special oils subject to extra charge)      
Replace oil filter      
Check heater plug indicator (Diesel)      
Check and adjust alternator drive belt      
Check and adjust auxiliary drive belt/s      
Check for engine oil leaks      
Reset service indicator (Where applicable)      
Check condition of fuel lines      
Visually check HT leads (Where applicable)      
Visually check distributor cap (Where applicable)      
Visually check rotor arm (Where applicable)      
Replace spark plugs (Where applicable) (Platinum, long-life or multi electrode subject to extra charge)      
Replace air filter element      
Replace diesel fuel filter      
Replace petrol filter      
Check and report on exhaust emissions      
Lubricate throttle linkage (where applicable)      
Check and report on cam belt history (where applicable)      
Check and report on pollen filter history      
CoolingLube (1)Full (7)Major (7)
Check coolant / anti freeze strength and top up      
Drain and replace coolant      
Check radiator for leaks      
Check condition of radiator cap      
Check coolant hoses for condition and leaks      
Check expansion bottle and cap for leaks      
Check electric cooling fan for correct operation      
Check operation of heater / air conditioning      
OthersLube (0)Full (13)Major (13)
Check condition & operation of all seatbelts      
Check exhaust system for security & leaks      
Lubricate all accessible grease points      
Lubricate door hinges & latches      
Lubricate bonnet & boot hinges & latches      
Check fuel cap seal & condition      
Check & report on windscreen condition      
Check interior mirror security & operation      
Check exterior mirrors for security & operation      
Check number plates for security & legality      
Connect electronics and clear, or report, fault codes      
Vacuum interior      
Wash exterior      
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