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TPMS - Tyre pressure monitoring system

MOTEST TPMS Service or Replacement.

What is a TPMS?

The TPMS warning symbol on the dash means your car is fitted with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). The system constantly monitors tyre pressures and warns the driver if there is a loss of tyre pressure, by remaining lit when the engine is running.


New EU legislation required all new car models sold in the EU to have a TPMS system installed from November 2012, and every new car from 2014. New vehicles fitted with TPMS and first registered from 1st January 2012 onwards will have their TPMS system tested as part of the first MOT test from 2015.

TPMS works via a sensor valve fitted in each wheel which sends a low frequency signal to the car’s ECU giving information on tyre pressure and temperature. If the tyre pressure drops by more than a few pounds (PSI), or the sensor valve is damaged or its battery has expired, a warning normally lights up on the dashboard to alert the driver.

Sensors should last for 5-6 years. However, wear and tear, corrosion or damage to key components, means the sensor can become faulty or even fail prematurely. Low cost components such as the valve stem sleeve and nut, dust cap, valve core or rubber grommet which all help to ensure an air-tight seal, should be replaced whenever a tyre is removed.

MOTEST has a sensor valve service, which fit’s a service kit for only £15 inc VAT, used particularly, if we repair a puncture or replace a tyre. We can service sensor valves on the majority of all cars fitted with TPMS.

Why do TPMS sensor valves ultimately need to be replaced?

The sensor valves inbuilt battery has a life of around 6 years and usually not replaceable. In addition, high mileages and frequent low pressure alerts can reduce the sensors life considerably. Given their position in the wheel, they are also vulnerable to damage and corrosion. All this means sensor valves may need to be changed well before the battery runs out.

Every sensor has a unique identity number. If replaced, its new identity number has to be programmed into the ECU. However, MOTEST’S new replacement system called I-Sensor, ‘clones’ the original’s identity number. The result is no need to ‘reprogramme’ the ECU , making our replacement quicker and much more economical than original equipment from the dealer. We charge £84 per sensor including VAT and fitting or £299 for 4.

Book a tyre sensor valve service

In conjunction with a tyre replacement 1 wheel £15 inc VAT

(2 wheels £25, 4 wheels £45, all inc. VAT)

Where we have to remove the tyre , 1 wheel £30 inc VAT

(2 wheels £50, 4 wheels £90, all inc. VAT)

Book a replacement TPMS sensor

1 wheel sensor replacement £84 inc.VAT

(all 4 wheel sensors changed £299 inc VAT)

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